This is my place to share about anything virtual (like software, process, growth, relationship, career etc.,) and/or real (like gadgets, nature, babies(!!) etc.,).

About ‘real’ me: My name is Abhijith and I’m handling these roles in the real world – husband, father, son, brother, son/brother/sister-in-law, friend, cousin, nephew…

About ‘virtual’ me: My identities in the virtual (read online) world – @APrabhudev, @aprabhudev. On the career front, I’m transitioning to a role of Product Manager at a silicon valley software giant, been a software engineer for the most part of my career before this transition and worked on software products that involve some GUI.

Current list of gadgets I use – Macbook pro 13′, Nexus 6P, Samsung gear S3 frontier (latest addition) and Nissan leaf.


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